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Sep 12, 2012 7:30am EDT
of the country's major firms. this is seen as a move to hamper an eu antitrust probe into the gasprom. putin signed the decree tuesday, requiring major russian firms operating overseas to obtain government approval before giving internal information to foreign or international bodies. such firms will also need to get authorization to sell their stocks or change contract terms. earlier this month, the eu launched a probe into gasprom on suspicion it unfairly raised prices in countries. putin criticized the move. countries are heavily dependent on gas sa mrupplies from russia. >>> portugal agreed to postpone belt tightening targets. the portuguese prime minister told reporters that he wants the agreement because the the economy is performing worse than previously projected. they received a $100 billion bailout from the eu and imf. he said the country's budget deficit target for 2013 was relaxed to 4.5% of gross domestic product from 3%. for 2014, he said the target will be 2.5%. the finance minister stressed the revision does not mean the country need extra aid. the u.s., asked the portuguese
Sep 23, 2012 1:00pm PDT
. it is the typical case of the role model turned problem child. in 2004, all was well when slovenia joined the eu and quickly fulfilled the criteria for introducing the bureau. what followed was a flourishing economy and euphoria in the small country, but then the financial crisis struck. one thing bame cle -- slovenia is standing on very shaky ground indeed. >> it is a picturesque city on the slovenian coast, just a hop, skip, and a jump from italy. for years, the city's venetian john drew tourists in droves. business was good in the small gallery until the economic crisis hit home. now customers are few and far between. tourists are scarce, even though it is high season. he is sort as a marketing manager in the textile sector and says the causes of the crisis are clear. >> for a long time, the banks had money. however, instead of pumping it into new technologies or investments in the future, they invested in the boomi real- estate market, and they bought shares in companies that were anything but innovative. slovenia's biggest problem is its banks. for years, they invested heavily in major buil
Sep 20, 2012 2:30pm PDT
of the chinese delegation. an eu spokesman said he had ended his opening statement and had moved on to private negotiations. these discussions included china's efforts to help the eurozone deal with its debt crisis. wen said the eu needs to do more to implement measures already agreed. later, the european council president praised the eu's longstanding relationship with china. that was something that brought a smile to wen jiabao's face. >> china confirmed its commitment to buy bonds from the eurozone. nevertheless, conditions on countries remain unclear. >> our correspondent has been following the summit for us. >> we ask about the agenda focusing on trade and commerce suddenly being overshadowed by beijing's frank comments. >> it has been a strange day. as you said, it started off with backslapping over the growth of the china-eu trade arrangement over the last 10 years. bilateral trade levels have quadrupled. there was praise from the e use side for china and praise from china for the east side, but then, as has already been made clear, suddenly, the chinese decided to get a bit negative an
Aug 31, 2012 6:30pm PDT
.2574. in the wake of the financial crisis, the eu has moved to tightening banking regulations. >> a number of european banks overextend themselves and were bailed out as they were on the verge of collapsing on the mountains of bad debt -- a number of european banks over extended themselves. >> many are now calling for a eurozone banking authority to be established. >> spain's bank is one of many struggling in the face of the european debt crisis. the eu commission wants to give the european central bank new powers to monitor banks. eurozone countries would be required to comply with the new bank regulations. but other eu countries could participate as well. in total, around 6000 banks and national monitoring groups would be involved. >> the tasks of the european central bank in cooperation with national supervisory authorities would be to oversee financial stability, to ensure that banks in the eurozone are financially sound and stable and viable and will not run into trouble and need taxpayer money for a bailout. >> but there are critics of the new system. the german finance minister has
Sep 22, 2012 4:30am PDT
within just a few months, this fledgling eu nation could descend into the greatest political crisis in more than 20 years. this taxi driver knows bucharest well. we went with him to look for answers. >> here, one party of villains follows another. when a new party takes power, you can hardly tell the difference. the people of romania are being taken for a ride by those in power again. romania is one of the most corrupt countries in the european union. this is where most of the crooks work, says gm bonnie -- parliament. i just five years, for parliamentarians have been indicted and seven convicted on corruption charges -- more than any other eu nation. the country's judiciary became nominally independent from its executive. a power struggle at the top of romanian politics is all about that. i think -- >> i think we won some credibility in the last years. now, all the -- that is gone. now, we are back in the 2004, 2005 era. our credibility, our courage to investigate politicians, and i'm afraid about our future. now, i think that the independent judiciary is a big mistake. >> the supr
Sep 16, 2012 5:00am EDT
and britain, germany, and france became known as the eu3. in november of 2004, iran went along with this saying they would also be a part of uranium enrichment. but he doesn't buy, eu3 was submitting a proposal to iran promising help for its program. this is where you get another big in theme. the eu3 was unable to do anything because the and the states was not there. they looked over the european shoulders and kept waiting for the united states to appear. nothing can happen without the united states stepping in. the iranians rejected the proposal. then, the eu3 mission ran out of steam. and that meant a job became president of iran -- ahmadinejad. may 31, to dozen 5, u.s. secretary of state condoleezza rice says the u.s. is ready to join in talks with iran if irn suspends uranium enrichment. the united states thought this was an incredible concession. after 31 years of lack of diplomatic relations, the united states had taken the first step. the iranian reaction was, where is the beef? he want to suspend a uranium enrichment and this is the one thing we do not want to do. they
Sep 20, 2012 4:00am EDT
debt and signs of the sale could be of concern. wen is in brussels, eu leaders expected to avoid new stands despite a telecom trade dispute. >>> the headline gauge for business activity is falling to 46.3. that compares with 47.5 in august, the lowest reading since january 2010. the flash composite of course comes before the final one in about two weeks tile. it follows readings on germany that we're better than expect. flash composite, jobs index lowest since 2010, the flash composite pmi headline figure 45.9. that's its lowest since 2009. chris williamson, welcome to the set. what's the takeaway here from the eurozone september figures? >> well, another rather disappointing moment. as you said, slowest growth since june 2009 when you measure cross back manufacturing services. so this ends the worst quarter for three years really. so to suggest the eurozone as a whole contracted around 0.5%. much worse than we saw in the second quarter. >> is that 0.5% quarter on quarter annualized or not? >> just that quarter. so annualized more around 2%. >> so you're saying wat third quarter read
Sep 3, 2012 2:30pm PDT
to brief his german counterpart on the latest austerity package. at the end of the week, the eu, imf, and ecb tricot will reevaluate the process and they will determine whether or not happens receives the latest installment of bailout funds. >> on to the markets. european share start of the trading week with their biggest one-day gains in a month. our correspondent send us this information from frankfurt. >> there's no doubt the discussion about monetary policy continues to be the main driver in the markets. but that is why non-official statements draghi made in brussels are playing an even more important role. draghi reportedly said an intervention of the ecb is needed because the antar-bank system is malfunctioning meaning the financial system within the eurozone. that the reason to investors to continue to bed on held by the reserve bank and to continue to bet on rising stock prices. >> conrad in frankfurt. for a closer look on monday numbers, finishing up by more than .6%. stoxx finishing at 2463. no trading on wall street. it is a long holiday weekend and a labor day monday. the
Sep 10, 2012 2:30pm PDT
will see that as a sign that european leaders want greece to stay in the e.u. it is against them, greece will see that the pot of money that is going to be available -- if it is against them, greece will see that the pot of money that is going to be available will be less. >> stocks in europe took a breather on monday after a big rally at the end of last week. our correspondent has more from frankfurt. >> people on the floor were nervous and optimistic at the same time. share prices went this way and that way. in the end, there was not much movement in the dax. at the same time, there was optimism -- optimism on the promise of a european central bank to buy lots of government bonds of countries. above all, the optimism, the hope that the csn would be given the go-ahead -- the esm would be given the go-ahead by the constitutional court on wednesday by germany. what would happen if there was a no from the constitutional court judges -- people would rather not think about that. probably it would come to a severe downward correction, a severe slide that nobody really knows about ahead of tim
Sep 24, 2012 2:30pm PDT
by the biotech giant monsanto. french scientists say their research proves dell inc.. eu agricultural ministers gave a cautious -- approves dell inc. -- french scientists say their research proves the link. the u.s. agricultural ministers gave a cautious reply. -- the eu agricultural ministers gave a cautious reply. although the issue was not on the agricultural -- not on the agenda, it has once again highlighted differences over how the eu deals with the cultivation and import of fm crops. -- gm crops. some countries want to reopen the debate. >> it must be possible for a nation or government to say we do not want genetically- modified ackermann to because our people do not want it. this study -- genetically- modified agriculture because our people do not want it. >> the corn can be imported as food ingredients, yet another example of how complicated this debate has become. >> portugal's government says it is considering new income tax increases to meet debt reduction targets. the new proposal follows serious resistance to an earlier proposal to raise workers' social security compensation -- c
Sep 25, 2012 2:30pm PDT
officers. protesters are angry at the cuts in pay and increases in taxis and blame the government and eu institutions for what they call unjust measures -- protesters are angry at the cuts in pay and increases in taxes. correspondent miles johnson is following events in madrid. massive protests today in spain -- why are people taking to the streets in such large numbers? >> i think we have now had months of austerity, but i think there is a growing sign that these austere measures often, in the form of numbers, as people read in the newspapers. >> it appears pretty clear that spain needs help, but the spanish government seems to still be very hesitant to formally ask for eu help. why is that? >> we have a bit of a stalemate at the moment. i think the political stigma, which is attached to requesting a bailout, which would really involve the prime minister going on television in front of his voters and saying, "i have failed" because he was elected in november to avoid this sort of state, but there is a political stigma attached meaning that he is very unlikely to order one unless he is f
Sep 5, 2012 7:00pm PDT
through, then that will give a lot of headaches for eu leaders and traders and market investigators. quite a lot there for investors to take in with politics, key data and a lot of other events which may play into markets. back to you. >> thank you very much. that was ramin at the tokyo stock exchange. >>> well, spain and greece are struggling with their debt crisis, finland has the top aaa credit rating in the euro zone. the finnish prime minister stresses that the nation is committed to the euro, but he has some reservations on the extent europe should help ailing member nations. we spoke with them in tokyo to find out more. >> good morning. >> good morning. very good to see you. >> first of all, the european financial crisis, what is your current assessment, and what is your view on the eu's actions so far? >> i'm a little bit more optimistic, because now there's serious talks and plans about what can be done. countries like italy sp spaiand are doing an extremely good job at the moment. they're doing austerity measures. >> despite the prime minister's positive assessment on recent deve
Sep 13, 2012 11:00am PDT
structural funds. narrator: the eu was most concerned about places with the highest unemployment and poverty. and the sort of places that were normally the beneficiaries of that were spain, greece, portugal. in the mid '90s, the very first european city region to capture objective one was merseyside. that was revolutionary. the money poured out, and the city you see today, there are blue plaques everywhere with the yellow stars of the european union. narrator: in addition to infrastructure and job training, the eu funded universities. there are probably 30,000 young people here between the ages of 18 and 21 engaging in some form of higher education. all of these things have grown up in the last ten years, and what that produces is this, again, another element of the new liverpool image. the kind of... the cachet of the lively city-- the place to come if you are 18 to 21 or 21 to 25. narrator: to make his point about the new demographic, lloyd suggested that some swedish geographers go visit the downtown matthew street district on a saturday night-- the place where the beatles once played. ll
Sep 18, 2012 6:30pm PDT
relcaciÓn de eu estados unidos con mÉxico, cuba venezuela y otros paisaÍses de lati latinoamÉrica, conmenzamsos hbablan hablando de lo que se dijo en su cÑampaÑa, de hcracerle la vida pim imposible a los ininmigrantes indocumentados pqorque para que abandone abandonen el paiÍs por ctuenta ppi ppiaropia. >>> la uato deauto deponrtaciÓn es para las pssersonas que decidan irse d del paiÍs. >>> es tan imposible eso que las pssersonas se deporenten. >>> mhauchas pssersonas ven sus pers perspectiva s de eplempleo tienen fliamilia allÁ y hay mhauchas razone razones por las que dejan el pa paiÍs, pero no creo en agarrar a doce millsones de pssersonas y sac sacarlos en autobÚs . >>> se dice que iraÁn, codnoorea del norte , venezuela cy cubason snan paison pais paiseÍses opuestos a los intsereses del apspaÍs, sdedeben los hnso casoermanos xca castrc castro o el pdtevresidente de venezuela, hugo chÁvez preocupar preocuparse si udsted llea a ga a la pdciaresidencia. >>> yo voy a promociÓn derecha ver la libre e empresa, los gobierno s democrati democraticos sea un aa aliza
Sep 4, 2012 7:30am EDT
their output more effectively. eu leaders called an extraordinary summit for november. aiming to solve a trillion euro question. the amount for the median term budget. the budget will cover the seven-year period from 2014. leaders have failed to agree on how to spend the money. their stances very on how to prioritize infrastructure projects. the spending is mint to boost economic growth and ease debt problems and divided over how to distribute subsidies. britain and nations oppose a tax on financial transactions within the eu. those who want the levy say it will strengthen fiscal health. the two-day summit a bid to break the impasse. it will start in november 22nd in brussels and other eu summits will continue as planned through october and december. but with the focus on the region's debt crisis they will leave no room for other discussions. fresh or frozen many gourmets say that's what separates a fine dining experience from a soggy tv meal. a small japanese company is ready to send the question itself the way of the ice age. >> reporter: this high-end sushi restaurant in tokyo serve
Sep 7, 2012 6:30pm PDT
an informal eu meeting in cyprus. the german foreign minister saying that they're wanting to sanctions in response to the sanctions program. there is growing impatience among eu members over the lack of process after months of negotiations. how to get supplies of medicine and food to the people of syria, that was at the top of the agenda when the new head of the red cross met with the syrian president. >> they describe the talks as positive, but he says he was shocked by what he saw on the ground. >> these images are it should -- are showing fighting in aleppo. they have ousted people from different regions of the city. many are trapped. the world food program says the humanitarian situation is serious. the new president of the red cross met with bashar al-assaad. many people have died because they could not get help. >> now we will have to see if come together, we can come up with concrete steps. >> there are hundreds of thousands of wounded people in desperate need of help, many of them children. aid organizations say providing them with much-needed medicine and food is their top pri
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Sep 25, 2012 5:00pm EDT
is going on in spain, should i be worried that the e.u. is falling apart again after we thought we shored this up? it looks, i mean we're looking at it right now, should i be nervous about this or in your mind is it somewhat expected? >> maybe the way to think about it is, if there was a leak in the dike, somebody put their thumb in it this summer but that doesn't mean that the dike itself is stable. so the short-term problem was involved. that was a liquidity and banking problem. that has not been solved even for the medium term. but bigger problem is what you would call structural adjustment. will the workers be able to take these austerity measures? will governments be able to do it. and will the lenders be willing to lend the money? you're seeing splits within germany including in the ruling party, merkel's own party, about whether they should pour what they consider good money after bad. and yet, if this whole thing blows up, the european project itself is in danger. melissa: professor, thanks so much for coming on. you always break it down for us. we really appreciate your time. >>
Sep 12, 2012 4:00am EDT
writing in a sense, this court is the only functioning supreme court for all eu citizens. so to exactly to your point, even though the market expectation is for the court not to stand in the way of the esm, some this morning disputing it. >> he's clearly reading -- this is frustrating because he's clearly reading the judgment and we can't hear it. only the people in the courtroom can hear it at the moment. so this judgment -- it's kind of interesting. we know it's happening. we don't know what it is yet. so we have our producer in the courtroom, and as soon as she understands what it is, she's going to run out to silvia, tell silvia and she will tell us. so this is the way this has to work. >> sadly, yes. but that's due process rather than sensationalism that we tend to have in modern digital media. >> i've never actually seen something without actually knowing what she saying. i wouldn't know what he's seeing anyway. >> i'm trying to see what's going on behind you. let's show viewers. i'm not trying to neck with ross here onset. it's important to watch these levels ahead of the ruling.
Sep 4, 2012 4:00am EDT
by 0.2%. >>> moody's changed the outlook of the eu from stable to negative. they said the move reflected negative outlook on largest economy which it already had. and any future changes would then be dependent on rating changes in those countries which seems to make sense. >> luxembourg was one of the nations put on negative along with germany and uk. however the finance minister of luxembourg told cnbc the downgrade was no reason to abandon the single currency. >> it's within our interest to help others to help ourselves. true for luxembourg, true for germany. not not just doing this out of solidarity but also doing if to stabilize our financial institutions and thereby oi economies. in the short term taxpayers might be tired, may not understand everything because they don't see the food in the short term but if they think about it in the long term, i think it's worth while fighting for a common currency area, even that might be a currency that changes a little bit. >>. >> >>> joining us for the first hour, julien. what were your reaction when you heard those comments? >> fits
FOX Business
Sep 16, 2012 2:30am EDT
% level you're supposed to have to get in the e.u. so they don't have anything to go back to. and right now angela merkel is trying to bail out her own banks through this huge imf bailout. the same thing that happened to aig. once you stuck money in it, it went to banks. that's what they're doing. back door bailout for banks. you've got to let these countries start dealing with it themselves. there is no hope. i don't believe, in my opinion, for greece and probably a couple other countries. >> sally, the bailouts that we've seen, whether it's companies or countries over the last couple of years, overall global taxpayers are frustrated. i mean, do we need to be still helping out europe to save ourselves? do we put the u.s. taxpayer at risk? >> i agree with john, these are all -- most of the plans here are government trying to help their own banks, including banks in the united states. not worrying enough about what's affecting the people on the ground. but the reality is the united states has skin in this game. a fifth of our export economy is dependent on europe and our exports have rec
Sep 27, 2012 2:30pm PDT
, basically, we have three weeks of meetings that will involve the troika, eu finance ministers, and an eu summit on october 18 before the measures will be brought to the greek parliament to be voted on. >> the european union's permit bailout fund, the esm, has cleared its final hurdle. the german president has signed the bill ratifying the fund. it will become law on october 8. ratification was delayed because of a challenge before the constitutional court, but in its ruling, the court did uphold the fund, but it placed limits on germany's contributions. it also strengthened the right of parliament to receive controversial information on the esm. other eurozone countries have accepted these conditions as well. >> in germany, the job market has been weathering the eurozone crisis relatively well. new numbers show that unemployment dropped in september, down to almost 6.5%. the head of the german employment agency warns that the pace of job creation is slowing. >> let's turn our attention to the day's market action. european shares rebounded thursday, following a steep sell-off during the t
Sep 3, 2012 7:00pm PDT
data due out later today. so lots to watch out for there. yuko? >> thank you. >>> eu laideeaders called an extraordinary summit for november. they are looking to resolve a trillion euro question. that the question they have for the budget. the budget will cover the seven-year period from 2014. leaders so far fail to agree on how to spend the money. their stance is varied on how to prior advertise infrastructure project. that kind of spending is meant to boost economic growth and the debt problems. they are also divided on how tois tribute agricultural subsidies. france another sticking point. continuing oppose with financial transactions want eu. those who want the levees say they will strengthen the region he physical health. a two-bay summit is a bit to break the impart. starting on november 22nd in brussells. other summit will plan through november and december. they will leave no room for other discussions. >>> that's all for me from now. will leave with you a recap of the markets. >>> brazilians are enjoying the road to the economic stability and the things they are buying to get t
Sep 28, 2012 4:00am PDT
needed to secure eu-imf loans. the government found nearly 400,000 jobs that went un- reported. each year, the labor department revises employment data. a preliminary revision shows 386,000 more jobs were created in the year ending in march than were reported, which means at least an extra 30,000 jobs were added each month, translating into 133.2 million people working versus 132.8. the .03% job gain is within the standard range of revisions. labor relations observers say the u.s. is seeing a rise in labor disputes leading to public protests and walkouts within the last year-and-a-half. in our cover story, why is labor using these tools, and will it continue? from public employees in wisconsin and chicago to the private sector - at american airlines, caterpiller and nfl referees - labor is sounding off. "...corporate greed has got to go." "in this last year or two, there's been an outbreak of high-profile cases, so many in fact, which may signal the possibility that we'll see additional ones." why is it happening? some believe the recession has improved just enough to the point where rese
Sep 11, 2012 7:00am EDT
of the bigger parties even said the netherlands should leave the eu altogether. matthew price reports from rotterdam. big exportope's sales the world's biggest container ship. rotterdam is one of the most economically important cities on the continent -- vital for the european union, dependent on it, too. still, we found limits as to how much they want to help europe's most indebted countries. >> the next government, d one and to carry on helping to bail out greece? >> no, because we already paid enough. >> we are a lot of money from europe, and it is not the people in those countries to blame, i think it is the government and the financial companies to blame. >> this water-based nation with a founding member of what eventually became the european union. on the campaign trail, the man to beat, the current prime minister, -- the country is not convinced about what the eu is becoming. not everybody likes his pro- austerity position on saving bureau. under his leadership, the netherlands has been a firm supporter of the gentleman line on austerity first -- public spending cuts and tax rises.
FOX Business
Sep 4, 2012 5:00pm EDT
joins us on what can be done to stop it that is coming up next. >>> plus a grim new e.u. fiscal outlook turns up the pressure on this thursday's ecb meeting. does mario draghi have a plan to ensure the e.u. ace survival? we'll have that coming up. do ever have too much money? no way! ♪ . you see us, at the start of the day. on the company phone list that's a few names longer. you see us bank on busier highways. on once empty fields. everyday you see all the ways all of us at us bank are helping grow our economy. lending more so companies and communities can expand, grow stronger and get back to work. everyday you see all of us serving you, around the country, around the corner. us bank. you know how hard if yit can be to breathedo, and what that feels like. copd iludes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiva helps corol my copd symptoms by keeping my airways open a full 24 hours. plus, it reduces copd flare-ups. spiriva is the only once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that does both. and it's steroid-free spiriva does not replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms. tell
Sep 24, 2012 4:00am EDT
on the eu to back town on the law which requires all airlines to take part in the submissions trading scheme. the senate bill would allow the u.s. transportation secretary to stop the u.s. airlines from complying with the eu law. so we want to know this morning, should europeans be allowed to force global carriers including the u.s. to pay this green carbon tax. can europe force green on the u.s. basically? if you want to join the conversation, e-mail us or tweet us. you can respond to that or anything else you've heard on the program morning. >> theoretically you can because they control the air space, but i'm not sure we'll end up with an airline war. still to come, fear has no plans to close factories of fiat in the countries. they'll keep the carmaker from leaving for better pastures. bob... oh, hey alex. just picking up some, brochures, posters copies of my acceptance speech. great! it's always good to have a backup plan, in case i get hit by a meteor. wow, your hair looks great. didn't realize they did photoshop here. hey, good call on those mugs. can't let 'em see what you're drinking
Sep 18, 2012 4:00am EDT
to travel this week to attend the summit in brussels. he'll be seeking to boost ties between the eu and china. protectionism has been placed front and center at the summit to properly deal with trade disputes. now markets are still waiting meanwhile for the latest it foreign direct investment figures out of chew in a. worries about a slowdown in the country continue to build. a senior government official vowed it improve policy environment and step up efforts to booth domestic command. so are areas of china overing investors opportunities now? joining us now is head of investor relations for changdu. welcome to the set. you're in town to bring investment opportunities. what kind of interests are you seeing from investors? >> it's slowing down, but if you look at the western part of china, it's still growing quite fast. if you look at chengdu, annual gross of more than 15% per year. so i believe that the western part of china will become a new begi engine. >> there's this move from where china's growth comes from. are you looking now for service company investments rather than manufa
Sep 26, 2012 4:00am EDT
it had complied with the wto requirement, eu officials rejected the claim and said they would appeal again to the trade organization. this marks the latest chapter in an ongoing battle with the u.s. also pursuing the eu over air bus subsidies. >>> in japan, they have chosen a nationalist talk to lead it into upcoming elections. if former prime minister won the leadership in a second round lineup. he had been the most vocal candidate in calling for a harder start against beijing in ongoing territorial disputes. he's also pushed bank of japan to take more action on the economy. >>> continued anti-japanese tension in china is forcing japan's top auto makers to put the brakes on production. here is the story live from tokyo. >> reporter: the decision comes as growing anti-japan sentiments slow sales of japanese cars in the mainland. toyota's original plan was to shut down its main plant for national holidays starting sunday, but the auto maker has decided to sloez the plant four days earlier starting today. nissan will suspend production from thursday, three days earlier than schedule. b
Sep 8, 2012 2:00pm EDT
as the eu3. they were running the diplomacy. in november of 2004, iran went along with this saying they would also be a part of uranium enrichment. but he doesn't buy, eu3 was submitting a proposal to iran promising help for its program. this is where you get another big in theme. the eu3 was unable to do much of anything because the and the -- because the united states was not there. they looked over the european shoulders and kept waiting for the united states to appear. nothing can happen without the united states stepping in. the iranians rejected the proposal. then, the eu3 mission ran out of steam. and that meant a job became president of iran -- ahmadinejad. -- of course, what also happened during this time is that mahmoud ahmadinejad became president of iran. there were hopes that a different man would become president in 2005. it did not work out. it through their diplomacy into a state of chaos. then we had a u.s. start. may 31, to dozen 5, u.s. -- 2005, secretary of state condoleezza rice says the u.s. is ready to join in talks with iran if irn suspends uranium enrichmen
Sep 17, 2012 12:30am EDT
not agree with the response. next the response of russia's judicial system and the future with the eu members of the european parliament passed a resolution commending russia's judicial system. this is 35 minutes. >> during the last exchange we had we shared our concerns and about the violence against demonstrators. we welcomed at the same time the russian civil society, and we saw the russian civil society ready to engage in battle with the government and to play an active role in the development of political institutions with the country. we sought dialogue between government and citizens. we have encouraged vladimir putin to pursue economic reform. we also offered our support in the shared organization's agenda. there have been some important developments. let me mention who world trade organization on the 22nd of august. russia took a major step forward in ongoing integration. we strongly support of that process and expect russia to fully implement all of the related agreements and to reach maximum benefit of the world trade organization. there has been some encouraging initial re
FOX Business
Sep 5, 2012 4:00pm EDT
expected to help the eu ailing economy. will it work? and is it the best solution? joining us next. [ male announcer ] what if you had thermal night-vision goggles, like in a special opsission? you'd spot movement, gather intelligence with minimal collateral damage. but rather than neutralizing enemies in their sleep, you'd be targeting stocks to trade. well, that's what trade architect's heat maps do. they make you a trading assassin. trade architect. td ameritrade's empowering web-based trading platform. trade commission-free for 60 days, and we'll throw in up to $600 when you open an account. david: s&p futures are closing right now. sometimes a indication of what could happen tomorrow depending on what happens at this time. what do you see, jared? >> no big flurries happen. really it is up in the air. what will they really do? can the i get through to german? five ms. park phones are rolled out, three by google and motorola. nobody paid attention to that. these are great companies. no big indications. liz: horrible for them, but thanks, good to see you. h&r block reporting first-quarte
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Sep 27, 2012 12:00am EDT
to use a loophole in that switzerland is not forced to comply with the e.u. sanctions regime. i think the heat is on and they appear to be backtracking. at this point i'm not sure there is actual buyer for these two million barrels. melissa: the reports say they were struggling about price. they were trying to sell $30 premium at benchmark in singapore. i heard they made a deal about $14. >> right. melissa: the point being if we know about this one case, if reporters were able to find this there has to be a lot more than that out there. >> that's true. melissa: that sanctions are, there are mildly effective but if we're trying to put a stranglehold on iran to try to stop them from developing nuclear weapons it seems there are enough people working against that in this manner. >> u.n. says threat of sanctions more important than the sanctions themselves. these are political gestures at the end of the day. in this case you have certain large countries outside of the sanctions reg goals. three layers, the u.n., united states, the e.u. and the bilateral sanctions and so you're always goin
Sep 27, 2012 5:00pm EDT
. it came at 12:17 there was a headline today that ali rend, the vice chair of the e.u., economic affairs commissioner said that what spain has done went beyond what the e.u. had recommended and that's when the market really started to take off and the implication is that spain basically agreed to a bailout without agreeing to a bailout. so the door is open now. they've done everything that the e.u. has asked, read that as everything the germans have asked them to do. so now you've taken that tail risk off. spain will probably ask for a bailout sometime between tomorrow and october 21st. that's what the market's expecting. that's where i really think you saw that risk on trade happen. >> b.k., it's karen. let me ask you something. hasn't that news about spain been there for several weeks? why is this additional news today? i understand what you're saying about a little bit of marginal positive news. the markets rallied a lot on spain getting a bailout. >> except for the fact that they said the important thing to me is that they said it went beyond what the e.u. expected. so you don't have
Sep 12, 2012 6:00am PDT
president announce the proposal at the eu parliament on wednesday. he wants to have the proposal take effect by 2014. all commercial banks in the region will be subject to oversight by the -- giving supervisery power be a -- facebook shares have been sliding since it went public in may, falling more than 50% at one point. the company's top executive admitted that falling stock price is disappointing. mark zuckerberg made the comment on wednesday that an event in san francisco, it was his first public appearance since facebook's initial public offering. >> the performance of the stock has obviously been disappointing, and we care about our shareholders. and the commitment that we made is that we're going to execute this mission of making the world more open and connected. >> zuckerberg acknowledged the failure of facebook's -- the share price rose 3.3% on nasdaq on wednesday on news that zuckerberg would speak at the event, but the stock level is still well below it's debut price of $38. >>> people in japan are trying to find closure on an issue that dates back to world war ii. thousands of j
Sep 12, 2012 6:00pm EDT
petition the court are given new bailout fund emboldens more power is going to eu institutions without proper democratic control. one of the petitioners said the decision to support was bad for german democracy. >> high-end disappointing -- i am disappointed because they finance of the expense of the north and europe. >> even here there are signs the german economy is slowing and support for further bailouts is weakening. at some point enough is enough. germany has its own problems. we should deal with them. >> we are worried germany might also go down. >> european integration is deepening. a first step was taken today towards a full banking union with an aim of economic and political union in the future of your gut -- in the future. >> today we will take going to the cinema to delight in technicolor films for granted. a century ago they were just coming out in black and white. now the earliest moving color pictures ever made have been rediscovered in the north of england. russell little girl with the red sash -- >> a little girl with a , and it is goldfish compan all 110 years old. th
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